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Summary for exhibitors

For exhibitors

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  • Fotomässan, The photo fair in Stockholm

    The Nordic region’s largest photography market. History of the Fotomässan. The first photo fair was organized in 2006 at the Factory exhibition and events venue in Stockholm and it attracted 7, 000 visitors.

    Time to book for this year's Photographic Exhibition, Fotomässan!

    Mars 9 - 11 2018, the largest consumer exhibition in the Nordic region for photography and moving images is being held  at Stockholmsmässan.

    Last year 14,000 visitors showed that they were very satisfied with both the quality of the exhibitors’ products and the activities on offer. The exhibitors were themselves also satisfied or very satisfied with their results from the show. In fact, many of you who exhibited in 2015 also broke sales records. 2016 together with Mitt kök (now Sthlm Food & Wine), we were visited by a total of 38,679 people!

    If you have not booked your stand then now is the time to do so as the planning stage is in full swing! We look forward to your participation in 2018’s Photographic Exhibition, Fotomässan!

  • Book now

    Welcome to complete the application form for the photo fair, Fotomässan 2016 below and return it to us!

    To book a stand at Fotomässan or if you have any questions, please contact:

    Kerstin Rapaport, Sales Manager
    Telephone: +46–8 749 41 49, +46 70 789 41 49

    Fredrik Lager, Sales Manager
    Telephone: +46–8 749 41 66, +46 70 789 41 66

    Price list for exhibitors:
    SEK 1095 / sqm. 

    There is also a registration fee of 3,500 SEK for each fair. There is a co-exhibitor fee of 3,500 SEK for co-exhibitors. If this fee has not been paid, you will not be allowed to expose your brand or your activity in another exhibitor's stand. VAT at 25 percent will be added to all prices. The smallest bookable space is 10 square meters. Photography clubs, associations and forums are able to exhibit at heavily subsidized prices.

    The visitors…
    There is even gender distribution among visitors of 50 percent women and 50 percent men. We like to call the Fair a place where friends meet. Obviously, we mean all friends of photography. In effect, this means virtually anyone in today's media centric society. Mobile phone cameras, video cameras and still cameras
    are proliferating and interest in photography has exploded.

    As organizers of Fotomässan, we are constantly working on new ways to attract visitors: Professional, semi-professional and amateur photographers. Fotomässan is advertised via trade papers, digital media, newspapers, the Stockholm metro system and billboards, as well as on TV and radio. Visitors are enticed to Fotomässan by world-class photo exhibitions, gadgets and all the lectures. Fotomässan offers its visitors free lectures, workshops and creative knowledge environments, which in many cases have a very high economic value.

    The exhibitors…
    The world of photography’s best known suppliers of equipment and services exhibit at Fotomässan. Manufacturers, retailers, photographers and speakers mingle with their customers at the Fair. Fotomässan has several areas of special interest, such as cameras, videos, print-outs, training, processing labs – and many others. Fotomässan is one of the few trade fairs with a great deal of retail activity and many exhibitors opt to include a shop in their stand. Visitors are affluent and have ample opportunity to make purchasing decisions.

    New for Fotomässan this autumn is that we have developed the Digital Stand. With our Digital Stand we give you an efficient tool which secures that visitors as well as journalists gets to know and take part of your company’s information before, during and after the event.

    The news are :
    - Own promotions, news and offers and activities in your booth. Your activities and/or programme items will then appear together with
      Fotomässans programme.
    - You can see how many people just clicked on your business at Fotomässans website.

    Of course you will also be able to fill in:
    - Contact information , pictures , videos , links to your business.

    Through this service attracts and inspires you visitors to come to your stand.

    Cost: 695 SEK/exhibiting company.
    Invoiced along with the basic fee for booking of stand space.

    For more information, please click on the link down below. 


  • Event Planner - all your orders in one place

    Warm welcome as an exhibitor at Fotomässan. Event Planner is our new digital tool for you who have booked and will be exhibiting at Stockholmsmässan.

    event plannerIn Event Planner we have collected all the relevant information you need before, during and after the event with checklists, stand overview, activities and practical information. Via Event Planner  you'll do all your orders and requests . You can also to send out invitations to customers, market yourself on our website and much more.

    When it's time to start preparations for your participation start by going through the list of important things to do. Here you will find important dates that lets you save both time and money.

    Do not forget to Stockholmsmässan also works as a full service event agency and can help you with everything you need to implement a successful event. We can do everything from complete stand solutions and lighting applications to signs and profile candies.

    Who can log in

    Anyone who is a contact person at your company in our systems can log in. Stand Builders and co-exhibitors can also use Event Planner but can not access our webshop. (Stand Builders can be added as a contact for you as main exhibitor. This means that the stand builder logs in as you and have access to everything. You'll add your stand builder as a contact person under Settings in Event Planner.)

    How to log in

    Use your e-mail address that is registered at Stockholmsmässan and follow the instructions. It's that easy!

    To Event Planner »

    Works on mobile phones and tablets too

    Event Planner is a responsive service, which means that it automatically adapts the look for the screen size of your mobile , tablet or computer . Note, however, that all is not fit to carry out on your mobile devices, the activities that are not mobile friendly is marked with an icon under the headline.