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Fotomässan, The Photofair in Stockholm

The Nordic region’s largest photography market. History of the Stockholm Photo Fair The first Photo Fair was organized in 2006 at the Factory exhibition and events venue in Stockholm and it attracted 7, 000 visitors.

Fotomässan, The Photofair in Stockholm
The Nordic region’s largest photography market. History of the Stockholm Photo Fair The first Photo Fair was organized in 2006 at the Factory exhibition and events venue in Stockholm and it attracted 7, 000 visitors. Now, ten years later, the photo fair attracts approximately 12,000 visitors.

Our goal
Our goal is to perpetuate our market-leading position. We do this by enticing all the leading figures to the event. The mix of exciting exhibitions and interesting and topical seminars on offer ensures contented visitors and satisfied exhibitors.

Meet thousands of photography enthusiasts...
… at the meeting place where rewarding relationships are enhanced by inspiration, products and knowledge.
We’d like to welcome you as an exhibitor to the ninth edition of the Stockholm Photo Fair. Ahead of this year’s fair, we’re intensifying our focus on the technology of the future and adding more new and exciting activities for everyone who wants to learn new things about photography and image communication and most importantly offering unique photo exhibitions with fine art photography from all over the world. The Photo Fair’s visitors combine an interest in products with a hunger for knowledge. Consequently, we’re developing new creative and interactive activities aimed at creating experiences and discoveries centered on the desire to take photographs. Knowledge will be one of the key themes at this year’s fair. The Photo Fair provides visitors with the chance, at one and the same venue, to expand their knowledge on the basis of their own level with the help of our seminars, mini courses and most importantly through interaction with exhibitors like you.

The meeting place for everyone in photography & videos
On the stages and in the Fair’s other activities, professionals explain everything from fashion photography and image editing to the way a documentary photographer works and exactly what makes a good picture good. Many exhibitors opt to open a fair shop in their stand – a good idea just one month before Christmas. This makes your stand more interesting and you can expect a good turnover throughout the three days of the fair.

Opening Hours - November 6-8, 2015
Friday        10 am - 7 pm
Saturday   10 am - 6 pm
Sunday      10 am - 5 pm

Entrance fee                                                                 On site                    Online
Adult 1 day                                                                      180 SEK                 140 SEK
Youth 1 day    12-18 years                                               80 SEK                   70 SEK
Child 1 day        7-11 years                                               30 SEK                   20 SEK
Child 1 day         0-6 years                                                 0 SEK                     0 SEK
Two days ticket                                                               260 SEK                200 SEK
Family 1 day (2 adults+2 children 7-11 years)          370 SEK                290 SEK

The ticket is also valid for the fair Mitt Kök, which takes place November 5-8 in Hall C. For more information please visit:

To book a stand at the Photo Fair or if you have any questions, please contact:

Lisbeth Hellgren, Sales Manager

Telephone: +46–8 749 44 93, +46 70 789 44 93

Fredrik Lager, Sales Manager
Telephone: +46–8 749 41 66, +46 70 789 41 66

Price list for exhibitors:
Prices per square meter
9–25 sq.m ...........................................   1520 SEK
26-50 sq.m ...........................................  1420 SEK
51 sq.m and upwards ............................   1320 SEK
There is also a registration fee of 3,500 SEK for each fair. There is a co-exhibitor fee of 3,500 SEK for co-exhibitors. If this fee has not been paid, you will not be allowed to expose your brand or your activity in another exhibitor's stand. VAT at 25 percent will be added to all prices. The smallest bookable space is 9 square meters. Photography clubs, associations and forums are able to exhibit at heavily subsidized prices. 

The visitors…
There is even gender distribution among visitors of 50 percent women and 50 percent men. We like to call the Fair a place where friends meet. Obviously, we mean all friends of photography. In effect, this means
virtually anyone in today's media centric society. Mobile phone cameras, video cameras and still cameras
are proliferating and interest in photography has exploded.
As organizers of the Photo Fair, we are constantly working on new ways to attract visitors: Professional, semi-professional and amateur photographers. The Photo Fair is advertised via trade papers, digital media, newspapers, the Stockholm metro system and billboards, as well as on TV and radio. Visitors are enticed to the Photo Fair by world-class photo exhibitions, gadgets and all the lectures. The Photo Fair offers its visitors free lectures, workshops and creative knowledge environments, which in many cases have a very high economic value.

The exhibitors…
The world of photography’s best known suppliers of equipment and services exhibit at the Photo Fair. Manufacturers, retailers, photographers and speakers mingle with their customers at the Fair. The Photo Fair has several areas of special interest, such as cameras, videos, print-outs, training, processing labs – and many others. The Photo Fair is one of the few trade fairs with a great deal of retail activity and many exhibitors opt to include a shop in their stand. Visitors are affluent and have ample opportunity to make purchasing decisions.

Visit the fair

The largest marketplace for photography. At Stockholmsmässan in Älvsjö, the  visitors will during three days have the opportunity to experience an photo feast filled with inspiration, product information and free seminars. Let's meet 6 to 8 November 2015!